The Guilsborough Branch Area.


January 5th. 1924 to January 5th. 2020

Peterborough Diocesan Guild of Church Bell Ringers.

Guilsborough Branch

 ~~~ Guild and branch both established January 5th. 1924 ~~~

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In our branch area, we have 

29 ringable towers including one limited ringing tower 

housing clockwise rings of :-

5 x eight bells; 12 x six bells; 10 x five bells; 1 x four bells & 1 x three bells,

plus one un-ringable clockwise ring of five bells at Old

and one un-ringable anti-clockwise ring of four bells at Lamport.

This adds up to a total of 178 bells, of which,

169 bells are ringable.

including the following ….

Oldest Bell, 1317 @ Cold Ashby; 

Newest Bell, 2012 @ Marston Trussell; 

Lightest Bell, Treble 2-1-8 @ Cold Ashby; 

Heaviest Bell, Tenor  16-0-10 @ Brixworth;

“Royal-Headed” Bell @ Winwick; 

Complete rings of bells by one founder

4x Joseph Eayre of Neots @ Draughton, 1767;

6x Charles & George Mears @ Guilsborough, 1847;

6x Edward Arnold of St. Neots @ Kelmarsh, 1774;

5x Thomas II Eayre of Kettering @ Lilbourne, 1761/1762;

Our rural geographical area within North-west Northamptonshire spans from the Warwickshire county border in the west incorporating the parishes of Watford, Crick, Yelvertoft & Lilbourne. Following the River Avon county boundary with Leicestershire north-eastwards from Lilbourne to Welford, the boundary then changes to the River Welland at Sibbertoft continuing on to Marston Trussell. Walgrave is our most eastern tower, whilst Long Buckby & East Haddon towers are to the southern perimeter of our area.

This website is mainly set up to be a static site whereby readers can check out locations, general practice times, Sunday service times and other technical data etc.

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The branch steward is currently embarking upon an update programme by reviewing and adding data information from all of our 31 bell installations for inclusion and publication at ©Dove’s Guide online. For up to date progress on this topic, please go to the ” Characteristics ” page on our website.

In parallel to this local exercise, the Guild are also updating their bell inventory records.

Website updated : February 15th. 2020