The Guilsborough Branch Area.


January 5th. 1924 to January 5th. 2022

Welcome to

Peterborough Diocesan Guild of Church Bell Ringers.
Guilsborough Branch

 ~~~ Guild and branch both established January 5th. 1924 ~~~

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Please note,

Ringing is now taking place at a limited number of towers in our branch, some for practices and service ringing with a various number of bells and ringers. 

Restrictions or other rules are controlled by Government regulations. The C.C.C.B.R. website has further information on these subjects.

In our branch area, we have 

25* ringable towers and one ‘limited’ ringing tower,

housing clockwise rings of :-

        • 5 x eight bells;
                  • 12 x six bells;
                          • 10 x five bells;
                                  • 1 x four bells;
                                          • 1 x three bells,

plus one un-ringable clockwise ring of five bells at Old

and one un-ringable anti-clockwise ring of four bells at Lamport.

(*Regret Naseby, Walgrave and Spratton are temporarily un-ringable pending repair work).

This adds up to a total of 178 bells, of which,

155* bells are ringable.

including the following ….

Oldest Bell, 1317 @ Cold Ashby; 

Newest Bell, 2012 @ Marston Trussell; 

Lightest Bell, Treble 2-1-8 @ Cold Ashby; 

Heaviest Bell, Tenor  16-0-10 @ Brixworth; 

“Royal-Headed” Bell @ Winwick; 

Complete rings of bells by one founder

4x Joseph Eayre of Neots @ Draughton, 1767;

6x Charles & George Mears @ Guilsborough, 1847;

6x Edward Arnold of St. Neots @ Kelmarsh, 1774;

5x Thomas II Eayre of Kettering @ Lilbourne, 1761/1762;

Our rural geographical area within North-west Northamptonshire spans from the Warwickshire county border in the west incorporating the parishes of Watford, Crick, Yelvertoft & Lilbourne. Following the River Avon county boundary with Leicestershire north-eastwards from Lilbourne to Welford, the boundary then changes to the River Welland at Sibbertoft continuing on to Marston Trussell. Walgrave is our most eastern tower, whilst Long Buckby & East Haddon towers are to the southern perimeter of our area.

©Exterior and interior photographs have either been taken by the author or given to the author with permission where shown.

© Dove’s Guide, empty data fields :

The branch steward is currently embarking upon an update programme by reviewing and adding data information from all of our 31 bell installations for inclusion and publication at ©Dove’s Guide online. For up to date progress on this topic, please go to the ” Characteristics ” page on our website.

In parallel to this local exercise, the Guild are also updating their bell inventory records.

©Website updated : May 8th. 2022

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