Earliest known bells.

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2) Sancta Katarina Ora pro nobis.(pre 1500 ?).
(Holy Katharine pray for us)

3) Sit Nomen Domini Benedictum.(pre 1500 ?).
(Blessed be the Name of the Lord)

“These 2 Latin inscriptions on bells 2 & 3 appear on many bells attributed to founders of the mediaeval period, interestingly, there are other locations where 2 bells bear similarly linked inscription characteristics as above.
In particular, the inscription on the 2nd. bell “Sancta …….. Ora pro nobis” was introduced c1350, proved quite popular, with the name of the saint inserted to suit the dedication. In fact our early “Sancta Katarina” bell was the third most popular overall saintly inscription.”

Other locations include :-

  1. Old No.2 bell, Bozeat (no date or founder).

The inscription “Sit Nomen Domini Benedictum” can be found on the following bells :-

  1. Sanctus bell, Walgrave, c1410, John de Colsale.
  2. No.3 bell, Fawsley, c1440, William Chamberlain.
  3. Old No.3 bell, Braybrooke, (no date or founder).
  4. Canon’s Ashby, (bell disappeared, no date or founder).
  5. No.4 bell, Collingtree, c1450, William Chamberlain.
  6. No.4 bell, Grendon, c1450, possibly John Sturdy ?
  7. No.3 bell, Potterspury, c1480, John Danyell’s successor “Brede”.
  8. No.4 bell, Roade, c1440, William Chamberlain.
  9. Old No.1 bell, Stamford Baron, (no date or founder).
  10. No.3 bell, Tansor, c1499, London (“Balcombe shield”).
  11. No.3 bell, Ufford, c1430, Richard Hille.
  12. Old No.3 bell, Wilby, (no date or founder).