Branch Steward’s subjective appraisal.

– Tower by tower –

bells & ringing characteristics, comments as at

July 6th. 2018.


The planned inspection and maintenance programme has been seriously delayed due to the harsh weather conditions prevailing at the start of 2018. We are attempting to catch up as fast as is practical but undoubtedly, there will be towers un-inspected during 2018. 

  • Brixworth 6 – Regular usage. Heaviest ring of bells in the branch. Good tonal qualities. 5th. bell oddstruck. Good rope circle. Informed as in working order.
  • Clipston 5 – Low to medium usage. Partial inspection, mid 2017Specific maintenance work now in progress, June 2018. Tenor bell less easy to ring compared to the rest. Historic bell installation.
  • Cold Ashby 6 – Low usage. Lightest ring of bells in the branch. Tenor bell ringer stands on bottom step of organ loft stairway. No inspection date available.
  • Creaton 6 – Low to medium usage. Reasonable rope circle. No inspection date available.
  • Crick 8 – Regular usage. 5th. 7th. & tenor odd struck to varying degrees, to be investigated during 2018. Good tonal qualities. Fairly good rope circle. In working order. Inspected. √.
  • Cottesbrooke 8 – Low usage. Good rope circle. No inspection date available.
  • Draughton 4Low usage. Inspected 2017 and July 2018.√. Ongoing minor improvements. Smoother ringing and good tonal qualities.
  • East Farndon 6 – Low usage. Reasonable rope circle. Inspected 2016.√.
  • East Haddon 6 – Regular usage. Ringing chamber now upstairs. Clapper position can be incorrect after raising tenor bell. Good electric lighting. Good rope circle although treble ringer has to stand on an extended platform step by exit door. Good tonal qualities. No inspection date available.
  • Great Oxendon 5 – Low usage. Some ropes may wander. Inspection due 2018 onwards. Good rope circle.
  • Guilsborough 6 – Medium usage. Major overhaul completed by Nicholson Engineering, May 2018. Low ceiling. Smooth bell control and ringing. Good rope circle. Good tonal qualities. Visited June 2018. √.
  • Haselbech 8 – Low to medium usage. Tenor sound overwhelming in ringing chamber. Maintenance work almost completed as at June 2018. Good rope circle.
  • Kelmarsh 6 – Low usage. Treble bell deep set. Plain main bearings. Partial inspection, mid 2017. Inspected June 2018.√.
  • Lamport 4 – Un-ringable. Unlikely to return to ringing standard for the foreseeable future. 
  • Lilbourne 5 – Medium usage. Major overhaul & new ropes fitted, 2012. Good rope circle. Excellent tonal qualities. In working order. Inspected. √.
  • Long Buckby 8 – Good rope circle. Informed as in working order. Inspected June 2018.√.
  • Maidwell 6 – Good rope circle. New ropes fitted. Partial inspection, 2016. Re-inspection 2018 onwards.
  • Marston Trussell 6 – Low to medium usage. Treble bell added, 2013Good rope circle. Partial inspection during 2017. No future inspection date available.
  • Naseby 5 – Low to medium usage. Historic bell installation. Good tonal qualities. Good rope circle.  Partial inspection and maintenance, 2017/8. Specific maintenance work in progress.
  • Old 5  Historic bell installation. Un-ringable. Interesting diagonal frame & rural fittings. Major overhaul due when funding is available.
  • Ravensthorpe 5 – These bells receive hardly any usage. Venue for Guild Stewards meeting, 2015. No further inspection date available. Very dim electric lighting. Compact but good rope circle.
  • Scaldwell 5 – Regular usage. Compact but good rope circle. In working order. Inspected 2016 and 2017. Re-inspection due 2018.
  • Sibbertoft 5 – Medium but mostly practice usage. Excellent tonal qualities. Good electric lighting. Compact but good rope circle. Cracked stay replaced, mid 2017. In working order. Maintenance programme planned for mid 2018 onwards.
  • Spratton 6 –  Low usage. Inspection due 2018 onwards. Good rope circle.
  • Thornby 5 – These light bells receive hardly any usage. Two stays replaced, mid 2016. Good rope circle. Inspected 2016.√. 
  • Walgrave 5 – Medium usage. Heavy bells with good tonal qualities. Good rope circle. Maintenance programme mid 2016. Inspected 2016.√.
  • Watford 6 – Historic bell installation. Generally un-ringable at present. Tenor note out of tune. New stays fitted. Re-furbished ropes but stretchy. Further maintenance work due 2018 onwards with a possible view to returning bell installation to very limited ringing. (tower captain to make final decision). Inspected June 2018.√.
  • Welford 8 – Regular usage. Good tonal qualities. Stretchy No.5 rope. Hasting stay replaced, mid 2017. 7 out of 8 rope circle OK, except subjectively, not so good when ringing from 5th. rope position. In working order. Inspected 2017. √.
  • West Haddon 5 – Alfred Bowell installation. Low usage. Good tonal qualities. Rope alignment issues. No.3 rope drops close to wall. Dim electric lighting. Limited inspection, 2015. Inspected June 2018. √.
  • Winwick 3 – Low usage. Long rope draught falling in a straight line, no rope guides. Suggest experienced ringers only. Historic bell installation. Inspected 2015. Inspected June 2018. √.
  • Yelvertoft 6 – Regular usage. Excellent tonal qualities. Good electric lighting. Good rope circle. Partial inspection 2015. I am informed that new ropes to be fitted during 2018. In working order.
 Key to usage :
  • Regular = Weekly Sunday services and practice ringing.
  • Medium = Some Sunday services and some practice ringing.
  • Low to medium = Occasional Sunday services and at other special occasions.
  • Low = Occasional ringing.
  • Hardly any = Ringing takes place only on special occasions.

The ringable bell installations are subject to an ongoing programme of volunteer inspection & light maintenance duties within the Guild’s insurance remit and are carried out by the Steward and support team.
We offer this unique (P.D.G.C.B.R.) Guilsborough Branch service as an addition to, but not as a substitute to, the overall legal responsibilities of the respective Church authorities.