Address :
St. Margaret of Antioch Church,
Church Street,
Northants. NN6 7TP

  • The village of Crick was By-passed (A428) several years ago.
  • The Church, (with it’s tall spire seen from miles away), is located in the centre of the village.
  • This tower has two clock faces, one facing north & the other southwards. Interestingly, the clock’s mechanism strikes it’s own bell housed above the other 8 bells.
  • The clock bell was cast in 1720 & accredited to Thomas Russell of Wootton. This bell was one of four original bells existing in the tower prior to a major re-refurbishment project during 1996/7.
  • An account of the re-furbishment project, 1996/7 can be found at

Benefice:- Crick, Lilbourne & Yelvertoft.

  • Tower Captain : Nick, 07598 335560
  • E-mail :

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8 Bells.

  • Treble. 1997. Whitechapel Bell Foundry Ltd. (3-2-21). [swing E⇔W]
  • 2nd.      1997. Whitechapel Bell Foundry Ltd. (4-1-1). [N↑↓S]
  • 3rd.       1996. Whitechapel Bell Foundry Ltd. (4-3-0). [N↑↓S]
  • 4th.       1996. Whitechapel Bell Foundry Ltd. (5-1-21). [E⇔W]
  • 5th.       1616. Hugh II Watts.            (6-2-15). [E⇔W]
  • 6th.       1996. Whitechapel Bell Foundry Ltd. (6-3-26). [N↑↓S]
  • 7th.       1601. Edward Newcombe. (7-2-27). [N↑↓S]
  • Tenor. 1614. Hugh II Watts.   (Wt.11-0-19). [E⇔W]
  • Clock Bell, 1720. Thomas Russell. (6-3-6), housed in frame No. 2

Upper Floor rope layout plan.

…West wall & window of tower…

2nd                    3rd

Treble                                                          4th

                                  rope spider             stairway 

Tenor                                                           5th

      7th                   6th

… ⇓…Nave and organ partition…⇓…

Upper ringing area accessible via open tread staircase from ground floor level.


  • Good rope circle.
  • Carpet.
  • Rope mats.
  • Rope spider.
  • Emergency lighting.
  • No.5 bell odd-struck.
  • Separate clock bell.
  • Seating.

Technical attributes.

  • Metal frame.
  • Metal headstocks.
  • Conventional stays.

Accessibility to Church.

  • Church : Level access into the Nave via main south door from pavement & road.
  • Ringing chamber : Gate and stepped access from pavement to west door of tower, then open half-tread staircase from tower base to ringing chamber.

Practice Night : 

  • 2nd. Thursday, 7.15pm. to 9.00pm. 

Saturday morning learners practice.

  • 10.00am. to 12 noon. 
  • Most Saturdays, but please ring Nick to check.

 Sunday Service Ringing.

  • Usually, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th. Sunday, 9.15am. to 9.45am.
  • 5th. Sunday, 10.45am. to 11.15am. if United Benefice Service is at Crick.
  • Different ringing times may apply for special service occasions.


  • Limited on road car parking adjacent to Church & surrounding roads.
  • Please note that Church Street narrows especially outside the tower end of the  Church & can also be very busy at times, often leading to traffic congestion.
  • Please be aware : Double yellow lines on both sides of road outside tower entrance.
  • Please be aware of entrance drives & pathways leading to houses close to Church.

The Earlier Bells.


  • 1) Celorvm Chrsti Platiat Tibi Rex Sonvs Iste. 1616.
  • Hugh II Watts.
  • O Christ The King of Heaven, may this sound be pleasing to Thee )
    • Present 5th.
  • 2) Thomas Russell of Wootton Made Me. 1720.
    • (now the clock bell).
  • 4) Celorvm Chrsti Platiat Tibi Rex Sonvs Iste. 1614.
  • Hugh II Watts.
  • O Christ The King of Heaven, may this sound be pleasing to Thee )
    • Present Tenor.

An even earlier 2nd. bell was cast by Bryan II Eldridge in 1656, being replaced in 1720. 3 of the early bells are integrated into the present ring of 8 bells.

Inscriptions on the later Whitechapel bells.

  • 1) AVE
  • 2) GRACE
  • 4) JACK
  • .
  • .
  • .

Village amenities include :-
Canalside marina.
Canalside restaurant.
Village Hall.
Sports centre.
Garden centre.
Post office + Vehicle Tax & shop.
Public houses.
Small supermarket.
Tea shop.
U.R.C. Church.
Electric car charging points at Holiday Inn, NN6 7XR and Ibis, NN6 7EX