Address :
St. Helen’s Church,
Church Street, Sibbertoft.
(Northamptonshire). LE16 9UA

Church of St. Helen, Sibbertoft.
St. Helen’s Church, Sibbertoft.
  • Northamptonshire county border village.
  • The source of the River Welland rises within the parish of Sibbertoft, forming part of the boundary with Leicestershire.
  • An interesting feature of the tower is there are a total of three clock dials mounted on the north, south & west faces respectively.

Benefice:- Welford, Sibbertoft & Marston Trussell.
Tower Captain for Welford & Sibbertoft:-
Kelvin, Tel. 01858 575683.

Church history
Dove’s Guide.

5 Bells.

  • Treble, 1877. Mears & Stainbank. (5-1-4).
  • 2nd.       1877. Mears & Stainbank. (5-3-14).
  • 3rd.        1883. John Taylor & Co.     (6-0-22).
  • 4th.        1956. John Taylor & Co.     (7-1-20).
  • Tenor.  1825. W & J Taylor.    (Wt.10-2-2).


  • Notice for visiting bell ringers:
  • To dis-engage clock bell hammer, pull & hook down control cable located on north wall of tower.

Ground floor rope layout plan.

…..west wall & door of tower…..



3rd.                                 Tenor.

          Clock hammer, disengage position →

2nd.                          Treble.

…↓open & level access to nave↓…

<<< south door <<< EXIT                                       


  • Excellent tonal qualities.
  • Rope guides.
  • Compact, but good rope circle.
  • Smooth running.
  • Well illuminated ringing chamber.
  • Stone floor.
  • Rope mats.
  • Emergency lighting.

Technical attributes.

  • Metal frame.
  • Metal headstocks.
  • Conventional stays.

Sunday service ringing, subject to available ringers : Sunday, 9.00am. to 9.30am.

Practice evenings.

  • 2nd. & 4th. Monday from 7:30pm. to 9:00pm.
  • (Welford is on 1st. & 3rd. Monday).
  • 5th. Monday is floating. May be at different Churches.

Bells are also rung for weddings & other special occasions.

Accessibility to Church.

  • Illuminated level access from the road into the Church via south porch & door.

“On-road” car parking outside Church.

  • Please be aware of entrance drives & pathways leading to houses close to Church.

The Earlier Bells.

  • Bridges reports that in 1700, there were 3 bells.
  • In 1825, the bells were re-cast plus 2 more added, by W. & J. Taylor.
  • The treble & 2nd. were subsequently re-cast in 1877 by Mears & Stainbank followed by the 3rd. in 1883 & 4th. in 1956, both the latter bells cast by John Taylor & co. in different centuries.
  • The Tenor is the only remaining W. & J. Taylor bell from the 1825 castings.

Village amenities include :-
Public house.
Sunday afternoon tea shop.(spring, summer & autumn).